building trades home
A building trades house that will start this year on Primrose Lane in Houston. Credit: HOUSTON SCHOOL DISTRICT

The Houston board of education met Tuesday night for a work session to discuss the building trades program, to highlight maintenance programs and look at future facility needs.

The building trades class, led by Chris Reese, will construct another house next to the last one built on Primrose Lane in south Houston. It will be about 1,500 square feet on the main floor and the same on the bottom floor. It includes a walk-out basement.

Construction is expected to begin in the fall with a two-year timeline.

The board also spent time to discuss both future project considerations and deferred maintenance schedules. “We will be working to prioritize both our maintenance schedules and future project considerations,” said Dr. Justin Copley, superintendent. “We plan to work with stakeholders of the district and community to ensure that we are representing the needs of the district both in the project list and prioritization.”

Here’s a look at items on the assessment/schedule list for development:

•Door (exterior and interior) and locking mechanisms

•Roof schedules

•HVAC schedules

•Interior/exterior walls (painting/siding, etc.) schedules

•Asphalt repair schedules

•Flooring schedules

•Fencing repair assessment

•Walking floor/auger (boiler room) assessment

•Fire emergency systems assessment

•Scoreboard update/replacement schedules

•Elementary playground covering solutions

Future project considerations/brainstorming ideas highlighted:

•Elementary playground pavilion or shade solution

•Building near Steffens and First streets development

•Middle school gym

•Old middle school tower

•Fine arts area renovation plan

•Elementary floor removal/repair

•Middle school lean-to / walkway removal or repair

•Track/football area


•Piney River Technical Center (Family and Consumer Science, ag shop and other expansion items)

•Early Childhood Center/Exception Child Cooperative (HVAC, windows, etc.)

•Maintenance building transition and weightlifting/athletic training facility transition

•Demolition of house and shop west of high school

•Softball fields concession area renovation

•Addressing accessibility throughout the district

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