Texas County conducts its annual land tax sale Monday. Tracts where owners had not paid their property taxes were sold. Treasurer-Collector Tammy Cantrell conducts the sale. Looking on is County Clerk Peggy Seyler and Assessor Debbie James and other county employees. Credit: TYSON TROUTMAN | HOUSTON HERALD

Texas County sold 15 tracts of property Monday on the steps of the county administrative center because the owners failed to pay their taxes.

The land tax sale, overseen by Collector-Treasurer Tammy Cantrell, generated $141,576. Assessor Debbie James and County Clerk Peggy Seyler also were there. More than 40 bidders registered.

Notices were earlier sent to property owners who were delinquent on their taxes. Upon the sale of the property, the previous owner has one year to redeem the property or it is transferred to the purchaser.

Listings had appeared in the Houston Herald.

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