Crates are moved into new quarters that will be occupied by Fostering by Faith.
Volunteers from the Houston High School program who aided Fostering by Faith with a move to an upper level on Grand Avenue. It is a boutique designed to allow kids in the foster care system access to clothing and other household items that are available for free.
Houston High School football Tigers unload pallets Friday as Fostering by Faith prepares to move from a Walnut Street location to the upper level over Kim Lowe’s law office on Grand Avenue. Within 45 minutes they had unloaded 70 pallets, 50 wooden creates and 300 pieces of pallet lumber. “We can not say thank you enough to these guys and Coach Eric Sloan for their hard work,” said Joy Hinkle of the ministry.
A look at space that will be transformed into new quarters for Fostering By Faith over Kim Lowe’s law practice on Grand Avenue. It assists foster children in Texas County. BRAD GENTRY | HOUSTON HERALD

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