Ever since it was re-booted four years ago, the Houston cross country program has been growing.

This year under second-year head coach Justin Brown, the high school varsity squads have enough depth to produce team scores (which require five runners in a given race), with seven boys and five girls.

“This year looks to be another amazing season,” Brown said. “This really has me excited to see what we can do as a team.”

Houston’s high school and middle school runners begin their season on Thursday of next week (Sept. 8) in a meet at Willow Springs.

“Both the high school and middle school runners continue to grow and get better each and every day,” Brown said. “This sport is not an easy thing where you can show up and be good by doing the bare minimum. This is one that you have to really be physically and mentally capable of running distances like these kids do. What most people don’t see is we put in the work before most people got out of bed in the morning, and then we’re right back at it after school gets out. 

“It really shows the dedication and determination our runners have to be their best, and that speaks volumes.”

Houston will host a meet at Houston Municipal Golf Course on Oct. 20.

This year’s HHS squads are void of seniors.

“The future looks extremely bright in the fact that we have no seniors this season,” Brown said. “We look to grow this season and come back even stronger next year.”

Members of the Houston Middle School 2022 cross country program. Front row, from left, Charlie Benoist, Lyla Huffman, Jesslynn Crawford, Jessyn Allen, Myles Copley and Liam Stickel. Back row, assistant coach Melanie Foreman, Thomas Kincaid, Christopher Meier, Dillon Shelton, Kaleb Evans and head coach Justin Brown. Not shown: Alli Huffman.

Doug Davison

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