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New figures show 141 school districts in Missouri are locked into a four-day week this school year.

The reasons are varied, ranging from budget constraints to a desire to attract and retain teachers.

In Missouri, 2010 was the first year a district switched to four-day weeks, and the numbers have increased significantly in the past few years. This year’s total is a peak. This number is an estimate from researchers at the Missouri State University College of Education, who included probable four-day districts in their total for the upcoming school year.

The highlighted districts represent more than 72,000 students, or 8.4% of the state’s 859,000 students. The true percentage is likely higher because the state’s total includes charter school students, while this four-day week district data does not.

This map was compiled by Jon Turner, an associate professor of counseling, leadership, and special education at Missouri State University and former administrator at Cabool.

In Texas County, three districts go to school four days a week: Cabool, Raymondville and Summersville.

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