Members of the Texas County Commission met Sept. 21-22 at the Texas County Administrative Center.


•Signed a 45-day notice on an upgrade to the county’s retirement plan, LAGERS.

•Reviewed a Summit Natural Gas court order to remove it from notifying the commission when work needs to be done in the county. It will forward to the county attorney for guidance.

•Heard Coroner Marie Lasater inquiry about a pay raise for her position. The commission tabled until it had more information available.

•Met with members of the Texas County Library and Texas County Library Foundation boards concerning a plan to build a new branch at Houston. The commission committed to providing up to $300,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money, which is contingent on the approval of other funding sources sought to complete the estimated $1.8 million project. More than half the money has already been obtained.

•Spoke to Herald publisher Brad Gentry, who was part of the library delegation, to inquire about establishing newspaper website access for all county offices.

•Met with Alex Roberts of Alextricity concerning the county’s IT services. The commission advised him that services need improvement.

•Met with Sheriff Scott Lindsey, who said Wanda Etchason will move to a part-time cook position, and that Tonyuna Smith will become full-time cook on Sept. 23.

•Heard Collector-Treasurer Tammy Cantrell report that Kevin Carter had resigned effective Sept. 16.

•Met with Jeff Malam, who reported that the township advisory board will meet on Oct. 24.

•Visited with Brad Rees of the City of Houston Industrial Development Authority about housing and the area’s workforce.

•Discussed with Texas County Food Pantry Director Laura Crowley its request for ARPA funds.

•Held a telephone conversation related to a insurance company proposing services.

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