Members of the Texas County Commission met Sept. 28-29 at the Texas County Administrative Center.


•Approved an allocation of $200,000 to the Texas County Food Pantry from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). It will assist in various programs.

•Reviewed an email from Bowman Bail Bonds. It will followed up with the sheriff.

•Met with Leann Green, Ronnie Duncan and Brad Richards with Boone Township, Daphne Kampania, U.S. Forest Service; and Trent Courtney of the South Central Council of Governments on a Paddy Creek Bridge project grant.

•Reviewed emails from Agape House and Christos House requesting funds. Presiding Commissioner Scott Long will respond and send information.

•Discussed a county coroner’s pay increase, and it will send an email to Coroner Marie Lasaster with an update.

•Reviewed a letter going to all department heads concerning the yearly inventory update.

•Reviewed an email stating there will be a deposition in a lawsuit on Oct. 18 or 19. Krista Thomas filed the lawsuit against the county and Ozark Township.

•Decided that county road and bridge funds will be used to purchase culverts for the county’s townships. When the townships reimburse the county for the purchase, road and bridge funds will be used to make up the difference. Commissioners said several townships are agreeable with the decision.

•Acknowledged the hiring of Dylan Wilkins as a full-time jailer effective Sept. 27, Amber Wiggs as an employee with the county collector’s office effective Oct. 5 and Megan Carter as a deputy clerk for elections on Oct. 5.

•Spoke to Bill Wiseman concerning problems with the Emery Road Bridge. The commission spoke with Piney Township board member Fred Stenger on the matter.

•Held a telephone conference with Dan Cavender of BPJ Insurance concerning a lawsuit.

•Reviewed information concerning Endo International’s bankruptcy. It is one of the firms involved in a opioid lawsuit involving several pharmaceutical companies across the nation. The county is part of a class action lawsuit.

•Reviewed information concerning the development of a new tower in the Pine Crest community.

•Discussed emails from Missouri Ozark Rally concerning upcoming township meetings.

•Sent a letter of support to the Leonard Wood Institute, which works to fulfill the technology and research needs of Fort Leonard Wood.

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