Members of the Texas County Commission handled several matters recently, according to recently released minutes. 

Members of the Texas County Commission held meetings on Oct. 5-6.


•Met with Ginger Mullins with Christos House for the signing of a proclamation for Domestic Violence Month.

•Reviewed and acknowledged the release of Karissa Hurst from the assessor’s office on Oct. 3.

•Met with Bill Karatzas, emergency management director, concerning exercises being held through the county.

•Met with Verl Sigman concerning Elk Creek Drive. He was given the names of new township board members to contact.

•Met with Fred Stenger concerning various township issues.

•Visited with Bill Bridges and Jeff Gettys to receive the monthly Texas County Memorial Hospital report.

•Reviewed correspondence from the South Central Council of Governments concerning an upcoming full council meeting.

•Visited with Linda Bradford via telephone concerning the maintenance of Hattie Drive. The commission advised her the township should maintain .90 miles of the road.

•Reviewing correspondence highlighting a meeting of the circuit’s judges in Phelps County on Nov. 4.

•Met with Scott Stillwell of Hiett Title concerning Friend Drive.

•Were served papers concerning a lawsuit filed against the county related to allegations in the jail under a different sheriff’s department administration.

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