The Texas County coroner answered 30 calls in September 2022.

In the county,  there were 21 natural deaths, including: Five deaths due senile degeneration of the brain,  strokes (4), cancer (3), heart disease/heart attack (2), congestive heart failure and COPD (2), sepsis (2), pulmonary embolism (1), death due to medication-related hemorrhage (1) and liver cirrhosis (1).
There were two accidental deaths: One due to a fall and one from a motor vehicle accident.
There were two suicides: One by gunshot wound and one intentional overdose. No homicides. 
There were five offender deaths at South Central Correctional Center, including two natural deaths (cancer), one overdose, and two deaths remaining undetermined pending autopsy report and toxicology results. 
In September, Coroner Marie Lasater was accepted into the American Association of Forensic Scientists and has had two papers accepted for presentation at its annual conference to be held in Orlando, Fla., in February. Her presentations will include “Tricyclic Antidepressant overdose, not always what it looks like,” and “Impact of Covid-19 on death rates in a rural Missouri County.”

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  1. Congratulations on your papers. I will admit I was a little uneasy when you took this job on but now t seems to me you are doing a fantastic job and have moved us into the modern century.

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