Elaine McCarry completes her ballot Tuesday afternoon at the Houston precinct in the Houston Storm Shelter at First and Pine streets.

Texas County re-elected its presiding commissioner and state representative in balloting on Tuesday.

According to an unofficial results, about 53.4 percent of the county’s registered voters cast ballots. That’s 8,347.


Tuesday, Nov. 8 results11 0f 11 precincts reporting at 8:40 p.m.

Texas County

Presiding Commissioner

Scott Long (R) 6,800

Lee Kern (D) 1,300

143rd District State House (Texas County voting only)

Bennie Cook (R) 7,135

Bernadette Holzer (D) 1,079

U.S. Senate

Eric Schmitt 6,621

Trudy Busch Valentine 1,337

The Houston voting precinct operates from the Houston Storm Shelter.

Texas County voting on amendments

Amendment 1 (state investments)

Yes 2,803

No 5,084

Issued failed in Missouri

Amendment 3 (marijuana)

Yes 2,929

No 5,296

Issue passed in Missouri with 53 percent of the vote

Amendment 4 (K.C. police)

Yes 4,769

No 3,223

Issue passed in Missouri

Amendment 5 (National Guard)

Yes 4,883

No 3,030

Issue passed in Missouri

Constitutional Convention

Yes 2,142

No 5,777

Issue failed in Missouri

U.S. House

Jason Smith (R) 6,945

Randi McCallian (D) 1,152

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