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Thanksgiving stories by Mrs. Huff’s fifth grade class at Success Elementary.

Too Many Thanksgiving Dinners

It was a week before Thanksgiving” and it all started at my house.  Aspen, my sister heard my Mom on the phone with my grandma planning the time for Thanksgiving dinner.  Later on my Mom came outside and told my Dad that we are having Thanksgiving at my Mom’s house at 6:30. “ok, that sounds good,” my Dad said.  “What are we supposed to bring?” I asked my Mom.  Mom said “We are supposed to bring the sweet stuff.”  My Dad received a phone call from his Mom saying she wanted us to go to her Thanksgiving dinner “Let me talk to my wife about it because we may have a problem.”  My Mom wants us to go to her Thanksgiving dinner too,” My Dad said to my mom.  Next I jumped in and said, “Well Dad can go to Granda Tammy’s, and Mom can go to Granda Carmen’s.” Some days went by and the next thing we know it is Thanksgiving.  My dad and Aspen went to Granda Tammy’s house who had cooked mashed potatoes, green beans and turkey.  My Mom and I went Grandma Carmen’s house where she had cooked green beans, mashed potatoes, turkey and dessert for her Thanksgiving dinner.  After we had Thanksgiving dinner we all said bye and traveled back home so we could enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving together.


Thanksgiving Dinner

November 24, 2022 Presley, Aspen, and I were at the house cooking dinner.  We were cooking the turkey, with their mom’s help.  After the turkey was put in the oven Aspen was making the baked potatoes.  Presley and I were setting the table.  When we were almost done when we realized we forgot the drinks, chips, and the salsa; we had to go all the way back to the store.  We bought the chips and salsa and drove back to the house.  When everyone got there we prayed and ate. Everyone left and the girls had a lot to clean up.  After all the hard work we had done, we went right to sleep. From that day on we let Presley and Aspen’s mom cook dinner.


The Turkey’s Revenge

November 24, 2011, in Pennsylvania at Sam’s house. That’s when it happened I was cornered by a monstrous beast. It was inching closer and closer!!!!

November 23, 2011, in Pennsylvania at Sam’s house. Mark, my brother, and I were eating breakfast when mom, in her pink pajamas, came in holding a newspaper. “Today, do you want to get a turkey for Thanksgiving,” asked mom?

“Sure,” I said. Mark wanted to go too. “Mom, can John, Joe, Charlie and Kennia come?” I asked.

“Yeah, if their parents are okay with it,” mom said.

“Thanks mom,” I exclaimed!  I called to see if they could come, only Charlie could come because Kennia had ballet practice and John and Joe were getting home tomorrow from their Thanksgiving party in California……..

That afternoon when we were picking the turkey we picked a big mama turkey that could feed everyone and still probably have extras….

The next day when John and Joe got back I invited them and the rest of my friends to help prepare for our Thanksgiving party. After we slaughtered the turkey and plucked it, we cooked it. John and Joe were  making mashed potatoes, Charlie was making the stuffing, and Kennia and I were getting the turkey ready when Joe commented: “I’m thankful for food.”

Once we were done with everything we put a few decorations up and we were finished. After my friends left I looked everything over to make sure it was presentable when I realized the turkey was gone. While I was trying to figure out what happened Kennia came back because she had left her purse on one of the tables. When she got her purse something nudged her leg she looked under the table then screamed and ran out of the room.

Then I saw something so creepy you couldn’t imagine it. It was getting closer and closer until I was cornered by a monstrous beast. I couldn’t believe it. The craziest day of my life was Thanksgiving. I’d say I’m thankful to still be alive!

Right then and there I realized it was the turkey I got up, put my arms in the air, and yelled “AAAA RRRR!”  Then the turkey ran out of the room into the kitchen. I pinned it and yelled for mom to come into the room. When she got there she grabbed the turkey and hung it upside down till it stopped moving and then we cut it up.

Finally everyone got ther and we had an amazing Thanksgiving.


The Year of the Glitter Turkey

It was Thanksgiving 2024. We were at our cousin’s house for our family dinner. My mom was cooking when I heard “blarghhh!” and suddenly she threw up!

My big sister Brooklyn came running into the kitchen and yelled “Mom, are you okay?!”

“I’m fine Brooklyn, I have to finish this turkey!” my mom quickly responded.

“Oh no you’re not!” Brooklyn told her. Brooklyn took my mom straight to bed and gave her some warm soup and medicine to make her feel better.

Then, she came to my room and said, “Titan, we have a big problem.

You are going to have to cook this dinner!”

“I have to do it, for mom?” I questioned.

“I have to do it, for mom!” I declared.

Twenty minutes later, I was downstairs cooking. I accidentally spilled magic glitter on the turkey, and Brooklyn heard magic glitter turkey come to life. I told Brooklyn “I’m so sorry I spilled your magic glitter. I was not watching where I was going, please forgive me!”

Grandma walked into the kitchen, but couldn’t see without her glasses. Once she found and put on her glasses, she saw the fat turkey dancing on the counter top. Grandma opened the freezer door and yelled, “Brooklyn, throw the turkey in the freezer!”

Brooklyn grabbed the turkey, dodging his kicks of fury. She kicked him as hard as she could, and he flew right in the freezer where he stayed until he quit gobbling.

Mom ate her soup and was able to get out of bed. She told us kids, “I feel much better! Don’t worry about the turkey, let’s eat what I already made and spend time together!” While we were having dinner mom said to Brooklyn, “I noticed you were out of magic glitter. Maybe we can go to the store and get some more.”

“NO MORE GLITTER!” Brooklyn and I exclaimed.


The Tasty Thanksgiving

In case you didn’t know, it’s November 22, 2022, and Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Shane along with their kids are coming down today to get ready for Thanksgiving. They live in Tennessee with their three kids Jade, the oldest; Jr., the middle child; and Corbin, the youngest. “They’re here!’ I hollered. Sylis, Eli, Chelsea, Anthony, me, Mum, and Dad all ran to the door. 

We told them to come on in and get settled. Nana and Dan just got here.  While the adults plan Thanksgiving, us kids go outside to play with our dog Beau Jangles. He looks like he’s almost as big as a horse.

Even though Uncle Shane, Aunt Tiffany and the kids aren’t staying at our house, they still come over every day, all day. They stay for the night at Nana and Dans house because there is more room there. ……………… 

Now, it’s Thanksgiving. While us kids were outside Uncle Shane burnt the turkey. So when Aunt Tiffany found the burnt turkey, she was not happy. She yelled,  “Christopher Shane!” so audibly it was not funny!  It was so brown and black and burnt, it could not be eaten, and so now they’re on their way to get another  turkey. 

Dad cooked the new turkey, so Uncle Shane couldn’t burn this one. We ended up having a really fun and tasty Thanksgiving dinner at Nana’s and Dan’s house after all.


The Haunted Turkey

 “Zeus, did you take the turkey?”I furiously screamed at my big black dog while looking at the spot where the turkey used to be sitting.

“ Just great! Hey ZEUS, get in the car so we can go to the store to get another turkey before 12:00 pm.” I was almost to the store then I saw red and blue lights behind me. The police didn’t like my speeding, and now we are going to be late for the party.

Now I have the turkey, but we are late. Even though we are late,  we are not too late  to eat a turkey dinner. I sat the turkey down in the empty spot on the table.  As I picked up the carving knife,  the first cooked turkey ran out from  behind the couch and into the kitchen screaming at the new turkey on the table, “Run! Run, for your life!. Then the first turkey ran out the front door, but the new turkey did not move.  

“I’m sorry, Zeus.I thought that you had eaten the turkey, but instead somehow it ran away,” I said surprisingly.  We were so surprised we shook our heads as we walked to the table and began to finally eat our turkey dinner.  


My Nanny is a Hero

It was November 25, 2027 when the smoke alarm went off, so Mom and Dad ran in the kitchen and made sure there was no fire “It’s okay kids!” Dad said excitedly!

“I think Dad said it’s okay.” Khloe said to Korbin and Mason her younger siblings

“What happened?” Korbin asked

“Mom burnt the turkey!” Dad yelled in horror “Sorry!” Mom apologized “You put the turkey in the oven at 3:31 at 420 degrees fahrenheit and now it’s 8:00! You only needed to put it in for 3 hours!” Dad yelled,

“Mom put the turkey in the oven for almost 6 hours?” Mason asked.

“Yes.” Dad said in a calm voice

Ring! Ring! Ring! “It’s Nanny!” Mom said excitedly “Yay!!!” Khloe yelled “Yes!!!” Korbin screamed “Whoo hoo!!!” Mason shouted “Thank goodness!!!” Dad cried out

Mom answered the phone “Hello?” Nanny asked

“Hi.” Nanny answered “Did Mom burn the turkey again?”

“No!!!” Mom lied

“Yes!!!” Dad, Mason,Korbin, and Khloe all said in unison.

“Good because I have a turkey cooked for 3 hours and it’s too big for me to eat all by myself.” Nanny said and hung up the phone. 

It did not take long for Dad, Mom, Khloe, Korbin, and Mason to get their socks and

shoes on and get in their car to go to Nanny’s house.

After they actually got to Nanny’s house, they all yelled “We’re here!!!”

 Nanny already had Mom, Dad, Khloe, Korbin, and Masons plates full of food, so they sat at the table and ate all their food. Ever since that Thanksgiving night, Mom never ever got to cook the turkey again!


Rimy on the Hunt for Thanksgiving

A long time ago there was a dog named Remy.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! She woke up to her alarm clock going off. As her eyes opened, she said,“How long has my alarm clock been going off?What!!! It’s already 2:32pm!” Remy sighed. Then she remembered that tomorrow will be Thanksgiving.“OH NO!!!”  She was supposet to go hunting for supplies yesterday,” she said angrily. She better get going.She left her house.She got in her car and finally she made it to town.

She was walking down the sidewalk when she saw a woman at the crosswalk and walked with her across the street.  Remy saw a shopping cart, so she grabbed it and went shopping.

She came out with a whole cart load of stuff and headed home.  She got to work right away. She finally finished cooking late that night and had a good night’s sleep before the big Thanksgiving turkey dinner. 

Oh! Turkey!     


It was a normal day for me, a turkey, in the woods, but then this Hobo hunter came up with a gun.  

I marched up to him and said, “What are you doing here?” 

“Trying to get a turkey that looks like you!” answered the hunter as he pointed the gun at me. 

 “Wait What!” I yelled.       

Bang! “OW! My tail feathers!” Bang! Bang! Bang!  “Every turkey for himself!” Bang!  Searching for a place to hide, I spotted a hole beside the tree, and I yelled,  “Turkey in the hole! Weeeeeeeee!” 

“Darn that turkey!  I guess no Turkey for Thanksgiving!” the hunter said sadly.

I popped out of the hole and spotted a turkey on the other side of the field and said happily,  “Hey! There is another turkey.”

  I was thinking how unlucky that turkey is right now when I overheard grandma say,  “ l can’t believe I have a grandson like that!” and then I knew I was giving my grandma to the hunter by accident. 

“Wait! What! Grandma! Stop!”  I yelled to the hunter.  

The hunter stopped and looked at me. And  loudly said, “What turkey?”

I said, “That is my grandma, I didn’t know she was out in the field.  Can I have her back?”

“NO!” He screamed.

  I got really mad so I kicked him so hard he dropped grandma, and I yelled, “Run!”

Grandma took a long time to get up. 

The hunter screamed, “stop!” 

But we ignored him and jumped into the gopher hole and crawled until we reached the other opening far away from the hunter.  Letting a sigh of relief. They looked at each other and said, “Until next Thanksgiving:”

 BY CARLEE S.         

The Turkey Nightmare

It was 7:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving when Billy the turkey woke up and said quietly, “The huntsman’s wife, Jackey, is asleep in a chair beside me,”

“Why am I here? Why would a turkey be beside a human? Could it be because she tried to save me? ”  he mumbled. “Why is the huntsman’s wife sitting beside me?” Turkey Billy looked down at his hands, you might wanna STOP here, but if you want to know what he saw, you need to continue,    

“AAAAA!” screamed Turkey Billy when he saw his hands were HUMAN HANDS!! Not only did he have human hands; he had woken up as the huntsman!! He was so shocked he fainted! When he woke up, he was back to his normal turkey SELF!! “Whew! That was a bad dream!”

That’s it Folks


Secret Thanksgiving Bird

I’m Libby and today is Halloween and tomorrow we’ll celabrate Thanksgiving early because some of the family won’t be able to attend.  “ I can’t wait to see everyone. I thought to myself.”     

Knock! Knock!         

“Wait, did you hear that? I uttered to my dog Milo.”  “ Must be the door. I think I  know who it is. It’s Aunt Karrie!”     

“Woah, Aunt Sally, what a surprise!  You assumed you wouldn’t be able to make it.”     

 ” Well I did sweetie.” “ Aunt Sally told me in an Aussie  accent.” 

“Cousin Gaile and Kate!”  I cried when they ran through the door”

A little while later I laid down for a short nap.       

”Libby, wake up!” Kate whispered when she woke me up from my nap.           

“ Mom, do we need a turkey? I asked.” 

 “ Yes, we need a turkey.”    

 “Okay we’ll get a turkey from the store.”

“No, you will hunt for the turkey. Mom remarked.”    

“Fine, we’ll hunt for a turkey”….. 

 Finally, we made it to the woods. “ Let’s hunt for this turkey!”   

“Great, now it’s 5:00 p.m. and we don’t have a turkey.” 

“ How about we go to the store and don’t tell your mom,” Kate mentioned“Kate, what  a great idea, I said  in an audible voice.”  “ I can’t wait to finally have Thanksgiving dinner with a lot of the family,” I hypothesized to myself.   So we ended up eating a   secret store bought turkey for Thanksgiving.


Mr. Turkey Wants to be Cooked

Hi!  I’m  Mr. Turkey. It  was  10  days  before  Thanksgiving 2022 and I want to be in the center of the table and the main dish.

“Where am I ?” I think to myself  “Burr, it’s freezing in here”.

 “Hey you! Get off me!” someone yelled

“I’m so sorry.” I replied as I moved over. 

I tried to  move to see who was shuffling next to me, however it’s still freezing and I’m unable to move. 

 “Stomp! Stomp!”       

 Everyone  went silent.  What was going on; this is  scary!  Suddenly it hit me, I was in a freezer at a store, about to be someone’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Bam! I fell to the bottom of the freezer. I was trying my best to get up and I felt a push. It was the turkey that had told me, “Get off!.” I wobbled my way back to the top of the freezer. I made my way to the bully turkey and gave him a shove, causing him to fall this time. “Hahahaha!” I laughed. “How do you like it?”

Squeak! Squeak! sounded from a shopping cart wheel and I heard lots of people.  

I knew I was not going to be cooked, time was coming shorter and shorter and it was hopeless. 

Someone started saying, “We are the lucky ones!” as getting picked up, not real realizing  that I was getting picked up too. Then I got picked up and put in the cart and went around the store .  

BY DANIKA W.       

The Ninja Turkeys Vs The  Family

One night at 2:32 am, November 2,2019, in Rachel, Nevada, next to Area 51, a 2 year old Tom Turkey was doing his normal walk home when Smack! Tom got run over by the kid who lived one house down the street. 

The kid that ran him over put him inside the house. Then the kid showed his mom. Afterwards, the mom cleaned and cooked the turkey, and they had a great big feast. 

Tom’s brother could see the kids house from the tree he was sitting in while he was eating a cheeseburger, and he got a bad feeling from what he saw.  He jumped through the  window and attacked the mom like his favorite hero Turkey Maguire.  He attacked the dad too while the dad was trying to grab his shotgun. Then the son got attacked by another turkey A.K.A his  other brother, and then the two turkeys bound up the family and shipped them to Russia.  The Ninja turkeys then prayed for their brother to have a happy next life while they enjoyed the free house to eat cheeseburgers and safe walks down the street.


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