Fort Leonard Wood held its traditional Thanksgiving Day celebration in several of its dining facilities on post, with meals for service members and guests.

The meal included 7,000 pounds of turkey, 1,500 pounds of shrimp, 2,000 pounds of prime rib and 2,000 assorted cakes and pies with all of the accompaniments.

Beverly Leggett, Installation food program manager, said more than 13,000 meals were served during the lunch celebration, and 31,000-plus meals were served throughout the day.

“Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with family and friends, and for every service member training here on Fort Leonard Wood, their table will look different — the faces will be different — but the warmth felt will remain the same,” Leggett said. “It is with great honor that for every slice of turkey, candied sweet potato, assorted salads and delicious festive desserts, we serve those who serve.”

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