As I’ve said before, giving thanks is obviously on many Americans’ minds more than usual at this time of year, but I believe focusing on being thankful should happen more than just once a year, or even once in a while.

In fact, I think it should be a habit to give thanks to God every day. Sure, that might not seem easy as we navigate life in a world that becomes more unstable, unpredictable, corrupt and vile with every passing moment. But when you get right down to it, there are still lots of things to be thankful for, and it’s not all that hard to identify them.

Here’s a relatively short list of some of the things I’m thankful for.

My wife and all of our family members.

Beautiful weather at any time of year.

Incredible views.

Watching a dog stretch as it greets you first thing in the morning.


Hearing a really good song for the first time.

Restaurant workers and store clerks who clearly care about their jobs.

Sharing conversation with a like-minded person.

Seeing a colorful bottom fish while kayaking on a crystal-clear Ozarks river.

Walking on a beach with my wife.

Finding that favorite tape measure that’s been missing for five months.

Laughing with a friend.

Watching a baby deer walk behind its mother.

Finishing a home improvement project.

The beauty of the night sky.

Drinking cold water on a hot summer afternoon.

Looking at old photographs.

Working in the yard on a perfect afternoon.

Eating an awesome meal my wife made totally from leftovers.

Warm socks on a frigid day.

The ability to remember some things and forget others.

Watching a movie that makes you cry.

The sun and the moon, and their relationships to planet Earth.

Great news.

Knowing you made the right decision.

Hot coffee on a cold winter morning.

Watching a bird flop around in a birdbath.

The ability to read and write.

Learning a new game.

Feeling better after being sick.

Grilled cheeseburgers.

Returning home after being away for an extended period.

The call of an owl in a dark forest.

Huge icicles protruding from a river bluff.

Not having to drive on a big-city freeway very often.

Eating vegetables grown in your own garden.

Catching a big fish.

Seinfeld reruns.

Dropping your favorite mug and having it bounce instead of break.

Seeing a shooting star.

The way an ocean sounds and smells.

Flames dancing in a fireplace.

Changing seasons.

Big snowflakes falling straight down.

Colorful sunsets.

Funny jokes.

A good night’s sleep.

Going somewhere you haven’t been before and meeting people who live there.

Freshly-made chocolate chip cookies.

Totally avoiding social media.

The ability to recognize truth and use discernment in a world of disinformation and agenda-driven madness.

Truth itself.

Not living in fear.

The God-given opportunity to live a short, rather insignificant life and the ability to be thankful while I’m at it.

Doug Davison is a writer, photographer and newsroom assistant for the Houston Herald. Email:

Doug Davison

Doug Davison is a writer, photographer and newsroom assistant for the Houston Herald. Contact him by phone at 417-967-2000 or by email at

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