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A local man faces a pair of felony charges after an incident involving guns at a store in Hartshorn in early November.

Richard Burkett, 49, of the 5900 block of Highway K at Hartshorn, is charged with first-degree assault (a class B felony) and armed criminal action (an unclassified felony).

According to a deputy’s report, the officer responded to a store on Highway KK where a man said Burkett had assaulted him with a gun.

The man reportedly told the officer that he and Burkett had been in an argument and each had struck the other. Burkett brandished a gun, pointed it at the victim’s head and pulled the trigger, according to a report.

The victim told the officer Burkett had then acted in a manner indicating he must have thought the gun jammed, or misfired. A store owner reportedly then pulled out his own gun and told Burkett to leave or be shot.

The deputy reported that Burkett had an extensive criminal history, and had an active probation and parole violation warrant in Oregon. He is not in custody; a warrant was issued Nov. 17.

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