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Provisional ballots were cast in last week’s election in Texas County.

In many cases, the voter didn’t have adequate paperwork, such as a photo identification, but still were able to vote a provisional ballot. They were counted after the election.

Here are the results:

U.S. Senate: Eric Schmitt (15), Trudy Busch Valentine (5) and Paul Venable (1)

State Auditor: Scott Fitzpatrick (18) and Alan Green (3)

U.S. Congress: Jason Smith (17) and Randi McCallian (4)

State Representative: Bennie Cook (17) and Bernadette Holzer (4)

Circuit Judge: John Beger (20)

Associate Judge: Doug Gaston (20)

Presiding Commissioner: Scott Long (18) and Lee Kern (3)

County Clerk: Peggy Dixon Seyler (20)

Circuit Clerk: Erin Smith (20)

Recorder of Deeds: Lindsay Koch (20)

Prosecuting Attorney: Parke J. Stevens Jr. (20)

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