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The following are excerpts from reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy responded on Dec. 4 to a report of theft at a Rocky Ridge Road residence at Bucyrus.

A 67-year-old man there told the officer an antique gas pump with a glass top had been swiped, along with an acetylene torch, an anvil on a stand and a welder. The total value of the missing goods was $3,550.

There are no suspects and investigation is ongoing.

Texas County Jail admissions

The Texas County Jail photograph
The Texas County Jail.

Dec. 5

Brandi Sciotto – violation of protection order

Baltazar Ruiz – assault, unlawful possession of firearm

Dec. 6

Daniel W. Deluca – DWI, leaving scene of accident

Dec. 8

Peyton J. Nash – assault, property damage

Heather Spencer – Shannon County hold

Dec. 9

Mikayla Mitchell – theft of firearm

Douglas Dunn – unlawful possession of controlled substance

Cheryl Johnson – Phelps County warrant

Ronrico Broadway – 48-hour commitment

Cynthia Macpherson – DWI

Zachary Gregory – Polk County warrant

Dec. 10

Timmy Hale – possession of controlled substance

Dec. 11

Sativa Hale – 48-hour commitment

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