Members of the Texas County Commission met Dec. 7-8 to conduct business.


•Had a telephone conversion with Jason Rinker of Stronghold, a cybersecurity company, about assessment and training. The county’s emergency management director, Bill Karatzas, will follow up.

•Reviewed paperwork from Christos House requesting information on a Community Development Block Grant.

•Discussed and reviewed a bid from the Licking Help Center.

•Renewed a contract with Schrader Law Firm for county legal services.

•Approved reimbursement from domestic violence funds to Christos House totaling $840.

•Discussed information technology issues and inmate care information with the sheriff.

•Heard the County Clerk Peggy Seyler report that Alicia Williams, an employee, will be handling human resources/payroll. She also will keep her current position as tax specialist. Seyler also reported that 2023 budget paperwork had be sent to each department head.

•Heard from Tony Floyd of Intercounty Electric and invited them to a meeting at Twin Cities Industrial Park.

•Met with Jeff Malam of Pierce Township on various topics, Jackson Township concerning adoption of new roads at Golden Hill Trail Rides and with Fred Stenger of Piney Township on a culvert project.

•Handled the verification of payment of an attorney related to a class action opioid lawsuit settlement.

•Emailed Chris Crocker of MoDOT related to a Federal Lands Access Program application for a Paddy Creek Bridge.

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