Members of the Texas County Commission will place an issue on the April 2023 ballot for a 3 percent tax on adult use marijuana purchases. Many cities and counties are preparing ballot issues. The matter was handled during the Dec. 14-15  sessions of the commission.

In other matters, members:

•Approved additions and abatements from the assessor.

•Collector Tammy Cantrell visited about the tax bill of a deceased person and how to handle it.

•Spoke with Lindsay Koch, recorder of deeds, about cybersecurity services.

•Attended a meeting of Twin Cities Industrial Park on Dec. 7.

•Heard employee Laura Spurlin gave an update on needs at the administrative building.

•Visited with engineers about the Rocky Branch Road Bridge and barriers will need to be up until a full assessment is completed.

•Signed paperwork related to a right-of-way issue in Boone Township that is the subject of the legal case.

•Reviewed and acknowledged that James Sigman, a former sheriff, had paid restitution of $470.

•Discussed with a citizen about the adoption of Golden Hills Trail Ride roads.

•Will swear in recently elected county officials at 10 a.m. Friday, Dec. 30.

•Reviewed old city and county agreements for housing inmates.

•Studied a proposed county holiday schedule for 2023.

•Discussed several issues with the county’s attorney.

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  1. Make that Mary Jane tax 100% so folks who use drugs have to pay a higher price to put the rest of us in danger. We already have folks damaged and dead from DWI driving and interaction, we don’t need more drugs easily available to throw in the mix. Yep, folks have their free agency, but not when it puts my family in even more danger. Using something that physically and mentally degrades people to do things they would normally never do that hurt others is wrong.

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