The Texas County Jail photograph
The Texas County Jail.

An inmate held at the Texas County Jail faces a felony charge after allegedly assaulting a jailer on Jan. 13.


Harold L. Starks, 32, of 255 W. Highway 32 at Licking, is charged with second-degree assault – special victim (a class B felony).

A deputy was advised that a Texas County Jail inmate had assaulted a jailer who told the officer he had taken Starks out of his cell for a shower at about 8:47 a.m., and when the inmate’s handcuffs were removed he punched the jailer in the face several times.

The deputy interviewed Starks on Jan. 15 and he admitted to the assault, saying the jailer had disrespected him.

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  1. The jailers taunt and very much disrespect people and they do it on purpose as sport. They actually joke about doing it.Someone should do something about this bullsh*t . I imagine this guy is actually innocent being deliberately provoked and charged is so very wrong!!

  2. An inmate is a criminal. He had rights until he became an inmate. Let him suffer. The judge needs to have him receive the same treatment. HANG HIM.

  3. This inmate is far from innocent, prior to his time in Texas county jail he was at the prison in Licking where he constantly exposed himself to the female staff and murdered his cell mate.

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