The accident scene on the Walmart parking lot.

The Houston Police Department has issued a report on a Jan. 19 accident that involved nine vehicles on a business parking lot.

Police said Robin Sweatt, 57, of DeSoto, was the driver of a 2001 Ford truck that was pulling into a parking stall at the Houston Walmart parking lot. According to police, the vehicle accelerated and struck a Buick car in the front bumper. That set off a chain reaction that resembled a game of bumper cars — as vehicles struck others. The accident involved vehicles in two rows at the retailer’s parking lot.

Two were transferred for medical treatment.

Vehicles that sustained damage were owned by:

Charles Williams of Roby, Robin L. Glenn, Licking; Bridgette Clark, Houston; Michael Robert, Summersville; Lee Whitney, Summersville; Linda Robbins, Salem; Dawn Mayberry, Plato; and Michelle Courter, Houston.

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