A hearing was held Dec. 20 in Texas County Circuit Court in a City of Houston lawsuit against the community’s mayor.

Mayor Willy Walker

Attorneys for both sides held a hearing before Circuit Judge John Beger. The matter began under a previous council who alleged Mayor Willy Walker had received health insurance premiums paid without reimbursing the city. The lawsuit says it totals $10,695. Walker has denied any wrongdoing. That matter first surfaced in January 2022. 

A trial date was tentatively set for the week of Aug. 14, 2023 — depending on the progress of two other cases ahead of the city’s lawsuit on the docket. Walker’s attorney, Travis Elliott of Springfield, told the judge he was working on discovery requests and depositions that will occur. He said there may be a counter-claim filed against the city.

Circuit Judge John Beger

The city’s attorney, Nathan Nickolaus of Jefferson City, said he will likely file a summary judgment motion, which is a judgment entered by the court for one party without a full trial. “I think it is all a matter of documents,” said Nickolaus. “I don’t know what he’s got in a new counterclaim, but there’s nothing in the main thing requiring a deposition.”

Responded Elliott, “I disagree with that wholeheartedly your honor.”
“If there is to be a counterclaim, why hasn’t it been filed? This case is 186 days old,” Beger asked.

“The wheels of justice grind slowly, your honor,” Elliott responded. He said his client will ask for a jury trial.

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  1. If the claim is $10,695 and it is found out Walker was in the right the city is now out all legal cost which is tax payer money. Is it really worth it . Did the insurance company maybe make a mistake signing him up? Is each employee individually named each month or how ever C of H pays on the premium or is it a lump sum payment. The city council approved the payment may the ones that did should be responsible for the money. Not defending Walker just curious why the council did not catch this before it got that out of hand.
    It seems the City of Houston may have bigger problems that need to be addressed.

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