Predicted snow map

The National Weather Service reported early Sunday a winter storm will strike Tuesday into Wednesday in the Ozarks and south-central Missouri.

It said the remaining uncertainties include the storm track, changeover timing of rain to snow, the exact amounts and the areas of greatest impacts.

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  1. Well, living in the Ozarks isn’t all that bad. I’d much rather be here than up north. Been there done that.

  2. Driving a flatbed in this nasty weather is dangerous so I try and make the best timing decision when to get off the road which is always going to be sooner than later with up to the minute forecast when Iā€™m hauling logs or staves in the affected area.

  3. I like living in Maryville, Missouri, moved here from California, left a blue state. Nicer and vleaner and kind people.

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