The Texas County coroner answered 34 calls in January, according to a report issued Saturday.


In the community, there were 31 natural deaths, including cancer (8); stroke (4); heart attack (3); dementia (3); arrythmia (2); pneumonia (2); pulmonary embolism (1); congestive heart failure (1); epilepsy (1); heart failure (1); hemorrhage (1); influenza (1); kidney failure (1); spinal disease (1); and respiratory failure (1).

There was one accidental death due to a fall and one suicide by gunshot.

There was one offender death at the South Central Correctional Center at Licking. The cause is pending autopsy and toxicology reports.

Here is the coroner’s 2023 operated budget approved by the Texas County Commission.

Coroner Operating Budget for 2023

Deputy Coroner                               Not funded
Office Expenses                              $1,500
Equipment                                       $500
Telephone/Fax                               $900
Inquest Cost                                    $1,000 
Mileage                                             $2,500
Vehicle Maintenance                    $1,500 
Coroner Training                           $1,300
Autopsies                                          $12,600
Toxicology                                        $5,000

Total:                                                 $26,800              

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