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Members of the Texas County Commission handled several matters recently at the Texas County Administrative Center in Houston, according to released minutes. 

Members of the Texas County Commission met Feb. 1-2 at the Texas County Administrative Center.


•Heard Commissioner John Casey attempt to amend the previous minutes concerning a law enforcement sales tax budget by adding, “Should have done what we told the taxpayer we would do. No more, no less.” The motion died due to a lack of a second.

•Approved the appointment of Gina Campbell to the Upton Township board.

•Waived tax penalties and fee for Ben and Andrew Denbow after issues with a piece of property.

•Approved township contracts for Morris, Clinton, Date, Ozark, Burdine, Current, Carroll townships.

•Okayed an information technology proposal from CPI Technologies (Long, Casey yes; Heiney abstains).

•Discussed employee weather issues and personal leave time with County Assessor Debbie James. Commissioners also reviewed additions and abatements to the tax rolls. Held a discussion concerning what it said was misinformation on giving cost of living adjustments to elected officials.

•Heard Rowdy Douglas and Kyle Gross present a food service proposal for meals at the jail.

•Met with the prosecutor concerning the budget and other issues related to the county.

•Held a discussion concerning issues with water pressure at the Texas County Justice Center on North Grand Avenue. It visited with Houston City Administrator Mark Campbell to discuss it. They also held talks with Bob Richards of the Houston Water Department.

•Visited with Mike Baker about several issues.

•Addressed a telephone call concerning building codes within the county.

•Heard from Brian Reed about the design of an approach on U.S. 63 near Klotz Drive.

•Reviewed correspondence concerning the Federal Land Access Program dealing with the Paddy Creek Bridge.

•Met with Ed Jarrett of Burdine Township, who delivered the annual township paperwork.

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