The case moves to Phelps County on a change of venue.

Two have been dropped as defendants in a lawsuit filed late last year.

Emily Dillon, a Greene County resident, filed the litigation late last year that she was coerced into sexual acts in the Texas County Jail by a former jailer.

The lawsuit originally named the Texas County Sheriff’s Department, then jailer, David Watson; and the Texas County prosecutor as defendants. The sheriff’s department and Prosecutor Parke Stevens Jr. have been dropped from the lawsuit in Texas County Circuit Court. The case moves to Phelps County on a change of venue as Dillon vs. Watson.

According to the lawsuit, Dillon was incarcerated in the jail from May 10, 2022-May 17, 2022 related to charges of third-degree assault, a felony. A jailer, David Watson, befriended her and used his position to obtain sexual favors, the lawsuit alleges.

Upon learning of the allegations against Watson, Texas County Sheriff Scott Lindsey requested the Missouri State Highway Patrol conduct an investigation.

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