Members of the Texas County Commission met Feb. 22-23 at the Texas County Administrative Center.


•Gave American Rescue Plan Act applications to Landmark Villa and Summersville Senior Center.

•Reviewed a CPI Technologies guidebook for services and cost for paper billing. Members opted to make ACH payments.

•Approved additions and abatements to the tax rolls from the county assessor.

•Reviewed and acknowledging the resigning of Kyler Baylous as a full-time jailer effective Feb. 21 and the hiring of Nicolette Dodd as full-time jailer on Feb. 22.

•Discussed with Coroner Marie Lasater an opioid settlement fund and how the money can be spent. She is requesting $2,000 per year for toxicology expenses.

•Met with maintenance supervisor EJ Beckerdite, who updated them on bids to replace water heaters, issues with the water softening system and roof leaks.

•Received and reviewed a petition from Edward Close requesting roads in the Golden Hills area be maintained by Jackson Township.

•Discussed with George Sholtz the amount of funds budgeted for the collector postage, as well as road sign maintenance.

•Visited with Dewayne Goforth concerning the mileage budget from last year.

•Provided a copy of a road petition to David Scantlin of Jackson Township concerning the Golden Hills area.

Members of the Texas County Commission recently attended mandatory 20-hour training at the County Commissioners Association of Missouri meeting at Lake Ozark.

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