Evelyn Marie Dieckhaus
Evelyn Marie Dieckhaus

Evelyn Marie Dieckhaus, age 9, of Nashville, TN, returned to her Heavenly Father on March 27, 2023. In one word, Evelyn was a “light.” A constant beacon of joy to her family, she was a radiant, sparkly soul with an ever-present twinkle in her eye. Evelyn was born on a warm summer’s day, August 2, 2013; and even from a young age, she shone forth an unmistakable warmth. As her preschool teachers recount, baby Evelyn would often position herself between two younger babies, intuitively offering comfort by patting their backs. She was an inclusive friend to everyone.

Many recall that Evelyn was always the first to greet them with “wide open arms” and an “infectious laugh.” In fact, as soon as she learned to walk, Evelyn could be spotted pushing a stroller overflowing with baby dolls, with at least a few more strapped to the front and back of her tiny body. She was, indeed, a care-giver to her core, hoping to be an occupational therapist when she grew up, just like her mother. With an unwavering faith in the goodness of others, Evelyn made people feel known, seen, but never judged. Her adoring family members agree that “she was everyone’s safe space.”

Evelyn put family first, cherishing time with parents, sister, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Big sister, Eleanor, was Eveyln’s very best friend. As quickly as they would disagree about something, they would turn it around with snuggles on the couch, deep talks, laughter, and plans for their next grand adventure. Her brilliant mind and creative spirit made Evelyn a true artist. She loved crafting and drawing. Her teachers would observe Evelyn studying the world around her with curiosity, eagerness, and clarity. A calm confidence and a natural sense of purpose endowed Evelyn with the presence of an old soul, like “a little adult in the room.” Alongside a whip smart sense of humor, she knew her own mind and could communicate volumes with one sly little smile. Strong but never pushy, she had self-composure and poise beyond her years. This girl “could read a room.”

It was clear to everyone who knew her that Evelyn Dieckhaus knew who she was. She understood where she would fit into any given scene and always where she was needed. Afterall, Evelyn had a servant’s heart and an earnest love for the Lord. Her faith was pure and her prayers were sincere. And, oh, did Evelyn ever love God’s creatures! She was an animal-lover through and through who did not discriminate by shape, size, or species. Her dogs, Mable and Birdie, were the apples of her eye, but she also wanted a rat for her much anticipated 10th birthday present! Perhaps her most prized possession was her large collection of stuffed animal tigers, all lovingly named Tony. Another great passion of hers was music. Whether she was singing along to her favorite songs (especially from her well-played Hamilton or Taylor Swift albums) or composing her own songs on the piano, guitar, or ukulele, Evelyn had a wonderful sensibility for music. Her voice was angelic. During her nine years on this earth, Evelyn amazed her family, friends, teachers, and coaches with her unique ability to strike a perfect harmony between opposites. While she was the boldest force on any given basketball court or softball diamond, Evelyn also gave the gentlest hugs and was a world class snuggler. She was both a determined, natural leader and an easy-going supporter; a deep thinker and a maker-of-silly-faces; a fan of predictable routines yet unafraid to try new things; always up for an adventure but a “little homebody” at heart who loved putting on skits with her sister and neighbors in their yards. Evelyn kept a neat desk but a messy closet, she was both spicy and sweet, and she loved the color pink as well as black.

She was a detail-oriented precisionist who could also handle life’s imperfections with grace. Evelyn truly held this wondrous world, and all its complexities, with both of her precious hands. Evelyn Marie Dieckhaus blessed us all with her glorious light. She loved well and was easy to love. Her legacy will forever remind us to follow the example she set: shining light and love to others, always.

Evelyn is survived by her devoted parents, Katy and Mike Dieckhaus; her loving big sister and best friend, Eleanor Lee Dieckhaus; her maternal grandparents, Kathy and Joe Richardson (Houston, MO); her paternal grandparents, Linda and Tom Dieckhaus (Washington, MO); and a host of adoring aunts, uncles, and cousins: Kelly, Noah, Remy, and Reeve Dorrance (Healdsburg, CA); Jeff, Amanda, Mary, and Emily Dieckhaus (St. Louis, MO); Scott, Faye, Anabel, Amelia, and Thomas Dieckhaus (Dallas, TX); and Matthew Dieckhaus (Washington, MO). Evelyn’s Funeral Service will be held on Friday, March 31st, 2023 at 3PM at Woodmont Christian Church (3601 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215) with a private reception to follow. In tribute to Evelyn’s light and love of color, funeral guests are invited to wear pink or other joyful colors. She will be laid to rest the following day in a private family burial.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Evelyn Dieckhaus Shining Light Fund, a charitable fund set up to support the causes that were closest to Evelyn’s heart. For more information, please go to https://donorbox.org/Evelyn-Dieckhaus-Shining-Light-Fund. Arrangements entrusted to Spring Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery, 5110 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN 37216, 615-865-1101, www.springhillfh.com.

Locally, the family suggests memorials to the Evelyn Marie Dieckhaus Creative Center in connection with the new Texas County Library. “It will be in an area of light, creation and beauty for old and young. Just like Evelyn,” the family said. The mailing address is Houston Community Foundation, P.O. Box 156, Houston, Mo. 65483.

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  1. This was absolutely heartbreaking to read!
    Goodbyes hurt the most when the story was never finished…💙 Life is sometimes taken way to short and the wondering of why will always ponder in our minds !! My prayers go out to you and your families in these troublesome times of heartache!!
    I do know one thing …. Is that Heaven received an absolute Angel !

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