Members of the Texas County Commission handled several matters recently, according to recently released minutes. 

Members of the Texas County Commission met April 19-20 at the Texas County Administrative Center.


•Held a meeting with Alex Roberts and CPI Communications concerning the progress in transferring the county’s IT services to the latter. A follow-up meeting is scheduled.

•Discussed with an attorney and surveyor Robert Ross the need for a survey on Sandspring Drive and acceptance of a proposed settlement.

•Held “Government Days” with Summersville eighth graders, who toured the Texas County Justice Center.

•Attending the semi-annual meeting of the South Central Ozarks Council of Government at Mountain Grove. Transportation priorities for the region were discussed.

•Discussed its opioid settlement funds and establish of a review panel. The first meeting is May 19.

•Discussed Prescott Road. Mary Ellen Higashi of Lynch Township visited with the commission on solutions to the issue.

•Emailed MoDOT concerning the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) and transfer of funds requested.

•Visited with the offices of Sen. Karla Eslinger and Rep. Bennie Cook concerning mandates on sales tax holidays, such as the recent Green Sales Tax Holiday.

•Discussed a University Exension regional meeting. Commissioner John Casey will attend.

•Visited with Chris Ely, conservation agent, about fires being set and issues with area subdivisions.

•Visited with TCMH CEO Stace Holland and Foundation President Jeff Gettys about state legislation and the recent transportation priorities meeting attended by the commission.

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