An electrical lineman works Saturday evening at North Hamrick Avenue and Hiett Street in Houston.

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A storm packing high winds ripped through Houston late Saturday afternoon, causing some power outages.

There were no reports of injuries. The Houston Storm Shelter was opened. In Houston, 1.43 inches of rain fell.

The Houston Fire Department and the Houston Police Department surveyed the community for damage. Besides Hiett where an electrical pole was down, troublespots included on Chestnut and Hawthorn streets near King Street.

Intercounty Electric Cooperative reported nearly 1,800 customers were without power in the county at about 6:45 p.m. By Sunday morning, the number had been cut to 63 in the county. A major troublespot was in the Summersville area.  

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported some trees down across roadways in the county.

TOP: City electrical crews work on Chestnut Street. BOTTOM: A fire truck blocks King and Chestnut, where lines were down.

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