In a recent city meeting, Chris Owens discussed the proposed new YMCA with the Board of Aldermen, while Sharon Monter provided a written financial report in her absence. Owens confirmed that the chosen location for the new facility would be on the Pine Street side of Roberts Park, close to the amphitheater.

The architectural firm that Owens and his team had already met with visited the location and deemed it a suitable option for building. Owens was present to gauge the Board’s thoughts on locating the YMCA at the park and to see if they were interested.

Mayor Danny Cannon asked if they had contacted the Christian Church about their property, but Owens confirmed that the church was not interested in selling or donating their land at this time. Additionally, the other locations considered near Cabool Middle School were not deemed suitable.

During the meeting, Alderman John Mark Hale asked if the property had been dedicated to the City strictly for a park. City Administrator Ron Scheets stated that they would have to research further into the deed to determine any restrictive covenants placed on the land. City Attorney Conway Hawn also stated that he would check with the title company for any further information.

Eventually, a motion was made by Brad Roberts/John Williams to allow the YMCA to use the property for their new building as long as there are no restrictive covenants on the deed. The following roll call vote was recorded: Brad Roberts – aye, Kate Ellison – aye, John Williams – aye, John Mark Hale – aye. Owens stated that the architect would proceed to ensure the location was suitable for building.

Although Mayor Cannon expressed concerns about disturbing the amphitheater, Owens explained that they would be able to build without taking it out. The two houses on the corner of First and Pine were also considered, but Owens noted that the asking price of $78,000 made them an unfeasible option.

Overall, the proposed location at Roberts Park was seen as the most viable option for the new YMCA building. Further research will be conducted to ensure that the location is suitable for building, and any restrictive covenants will be examined before any construction can begin.

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