In all parts of the United States, there are municipalities, counties and states with unusual (and sometimes very strange) laws on their books.

As a public service, here’s another list of some to be aware of, because you never know when you might be somewhere you haven’t been before and violate a law you didn’t know existed.

•In Blythe, Calif., it’s illegal to wear cowboy boots unless you already own at least two cows.

So if all you have is eight horses and a team of mules, you better not be seen in those Tony Lamas of yours when you’re placing an order at the Sizzler.

•In Delaware, it’s illegal to get married on a dare.

Guy: “But really officer, we got married because we were dared to get a divorce.”

Cop: “Carry on.”

•All citizens of Acworth, Ga., are required to own a rake.

I’m not sure the law goes into details about using them, though.

•In Marietta, Ga., it’s illegal to spit from a car or bus, but it’s perfectly lawful to spit from a truck.

Unless you’re spitting at a car or bus.

•In Idaho, it’s a crime to ride a merry-go-round on Sunday.

But the Tilt-a-Whirl, Octopus, Super Slide and Ferris Wheel – they’re nowhere near as evil or dangerous, so have at it.

•Horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants in Marshalltown, Iowa.

“OK Seabiscuit, is that a hydrant in your mouth again? Come on, spit it out!”

•It’s illegal to educate dogs in Connecticut.

But I guess it must be OK for your Corgi to know algebra and geography in the Constitution State, as long as it learned about those subjects somewhere else.

•In Colorado, it’s perfectly legal to remove furniture tags that say, “Do not remove under penalty of law.”

Question: Have a bunch of you (like me) violated that law without really caring about what the tags said? That’s what I thought.

•In Minnesota, all bathtubs must have feet.

Question: How many? And somehow I just know that every motel in the North Star State is guilty of many counts of violating this law.

•Donkeys are not allowed to sleep in bathtubs in Brooklyn, N.Y.

But they can in Minnesota, as long as the tub is properly footed.

•In Maine, it’s illegal to step out of a plane in flight.

That sounds logical on the surface, but I’m not sure where that leaves skydivers.

•In Nags Head, N.C., you can be fined for singing out of tune for more than 90 seconds.

Guy: “But officer, my stopwatch had 89 seconds!”

Cop: “Carry on.”

•In Tennessee, it’s illegal to catch a fish with a lasso.

It’s also a no-no to go gigging for cows or horses.

•In Utah, it’s illegal to fish from horseback.

I’ve heard that the fine is even higher if you’re using a lasso.

•It’s illegal to mistreat oysters in Baltimore, Md.

Yeah, I hate it when someone yells at their oyster in public. So embarrassing.

•Gorillas are not allowed in the back seat of any car in Massachusetts.

So as you’re driving from Springfield to Boston on I-90, make sure your pet Western Lowland is in the front seat.

•Horses may not be kept in bathtubs in South Carolina.

But they can in Minnesota, as long as the tub has feet (number undetermined).

•In New Hampshire, you aren’t allowed to run machinery on Sundays.

Not even my lawn mower or ATV? Man, that’s tough.

•In Excelsior Springs, Mo., throwing a hard object by hand is illegal.

I must admit, I’m not sure why Excelsior Springs High School has a baseball team. But the Class 4 Tigers are pretty good, so I guess they get a free pass.

Anyway, you might never need to know about any of these laws, but it’s better to be prepared, you know?

Doug Davison is a writer, photographer and newsroom assistant for the Houston Herald. Email:

Doug Davison is a writer, photographer and newsroom assistant for the Houston Herald. Contact him by phone at 417-967-2000 or by email at

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