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Houston High School students received honors at a recent academic program.

Houston Schools sponsored its annual academic awards program May 15 at the new gymnasium. The night honored achievements by Houston High School students.


Agriculture Science I: Chesney Warner; Agriculture Science II: Benjamin Steelman; Animal Science: Aiden Kelly; and Floriculture: Cali Smith.


Art I: Lilly Kincaid; Art II: Kristen Ely; and Portfolio: Clarissa Hulse.


Band: Aubrey Crockett; Jazz Band: Andrew Durham; Color Guard: Miah Bressie; and Music Appreciation: Gabriel Travis.


Building Trades I: Dominick Morton; and Building Trades II: Kane VanHorn.


Accounting I: Aiden Kelly; Accounting II: Casey Merckling; Computer Applications: Emily Honeycutt; Internship: Cali Smith; Personal Finance: Hannah Ennis; Business Law: Kaitlyn Morgan-Flowers; Computer Science: Brody Adkison; Entrepreneurship: Dana Kim; Introduction to Business: Bailey Bay; Multimedia: Daniel Eastman; Web Design: Trevor Gebbie; and Yearbook: Gracie Tottingham.


Chamber Choir: Lily Johnson; Concert Choir: Hailee Cierley; Women’s Choir: Aubrey Crockett; and Drama: Brody Adkison.


English 1: Lilly Kincaid; English 2: Gracyn McNiell; English 3: Miah Bressie; English 3: Ashlynn Burns; English 4: Daniel Eastman; and English: Zy’Andria Suggs.



Advanced Child Development: Kendal Johnson; Child Development: Madelyn Riley; Foods: Hanna Huffman; Housing: Cali Smith; World Foods: Katie Chipps; and Career Development: Brayden Richardson.


Spanish 1: Elliot Greiner; Spanish 2: Lilly Scheliga; and Spanish 4: Andrew Durham.


Health Occupations I: Anna Gale; and Health Occupations II: Katelyn Edwards.


Algebra 1: Shiane Parish; Algebra 1A: Kynlee Weaver; Algebra 1A: Lilly Kincaid; Algebra 1B: Brayden Richardson; Algebra 2: Kendal Johnson; Geometry: Gracyn McNiell; Trigonometry: Kristen Ely; and Math: Zy’Andria Suggs.


P.E. Conditioning: Madison Thomas and Blake Talbott.

P.E. Conditioning: Lilly Scheliga and Michael Slonkier.

P.E. Conditioning: Gracyn McNiell and Devin Shelton.

P.E. Life: Macy Hebblethwaite and Riley Talbott.

Health: Miah Bressie.


Integrated Science: Jackson Evetts; Integrated Science: Ashley Gilbert; Anatomy and Physiology: Anna Gale; Chemistry 1: Gracyn McNiell; Chemistry 1: Dana Kim; Chemistry 2: Kristen Ely; Physics 1: Lily Johnson; Physics 3: Andrew Durham; Chemistry 1: Dana Kim; Biology: Caden Phillips; Dual Credit Biology: Hanna Huffman; and Zoology: Aiden Kelly.


American Government: Caden Phillips; American History: Brody Adkison; World Cultures: Bennie Cook; World History: Tyler Kelly; and WWII: Daniel Eastman.


Welding I: Casey Merckling; and Welding II: Dakota James.



OdysseyWare: Evan Cornman; and MO Options: Shayla Rick.


Student Liaison: Nikaylee Sheppard.



Summer leadership and citizenship programs.

Boys State: Stone Jackson.

Girls State: Ashlynn Burns.

Citizenship Awards: Kristen Ely and Brody Adkison.


Team Members: Andrew Durham, Tyler Lawson, Aiden Kelly, Kristen Ely, Summer Bittle, Bennie Cook, Alexandria Benoist, Tyler Kelly, Jaden Wilkerson, Emily Honeycutt, Lilly Scheliga, Miah Bressie and Laken Peede.


First place: Houston Fall Tournament, Clever Tournament, Fair Grove Tournament, Houston Spring Tournament, Sullivan Tournament, SCA (varsity), Districts and Sectionals.

Second place: Mountain Grove Tournament, Stafford Tournament and SCA (junior varsity).

Fourth place: Washington Tournament.

Eighth place: MOQBA Fall Tournament.

Received numerous individual placements and medals.

The team from Houston High School tied for top honors overall and took first place in Division II of the 36th annual Interscholastic Contest March at Missouri State University-West Plains. Team members included, front row, from left: Ari Frisbee, Hanna Huffman, Lily Johnson, Miah Bressie, Katelyn Edwards, Stone Jackson, Andrew Durham, Lily Scheliga, Emily Honeycutt, Alexandria Benoist and Kendal Johnson. Middle row: Ashlynn Burns, Clarissa Hulse, Kristen Ely, Daniel Eastman, Lena Skaggs, Aiden Kelly, Olivia Crites, Ben Cook and Tyler Lawson. Back row: Brody Adkison, Caden Phillips and Bailey Bay. (MSU-WP Photo)


Members are: Stone Jackson, Kristen Ely, Alexandria Benoist, Emily Honeycutt, Tyler Lawson, Andrew Durham, Caden Phillips, Arianna Frisbee, Aiden Kelly, Bailey Bay, Hanna Huffman, Katelyn Edwards, Lilly Scheliga, Kendal Johnson, Daniel Eastman, Ashlynn Burns, Lily Johnson, Miah Bressie, Olivia Crites, Bennie Cook, Clarissa Hulse, Brody Adkison and Lena Skaggs.

Agriculture, first, Division II, and second, overall: Stone Jackson.

Biology, second, Division II: Caden Phillips.

Bookkeeping and Accounting, third, Division II: Daniel Eastman.

European History, first, overall, and first, Division II: Tyler Lawson.

Flash Fiction, first, overall: Emily Honeycutt.

Geography, second, Division II: Stone Jackson.

Health Occupations, third, overall, and second, Division II: Katelyn Edwards.

Literature, first, overall, and first, Division II: Emily Honeycutt.

Philosophy and Religion, first, overall, and first, Division II: Bennie Cook; and Second, overall and second, Division II: Tyler Lawson.

Physical Science, first, overall and first, Division II: Andrew Durham.

Psychology and Sociology, second, overall, and second, Division II: Lena Skaggs.

Houston tied for first overall.


Members are: Andrew Durham, Kristen Ely, Stone Jackson, Kendal Johnson, Gracyn McNiell, Miah Bressie, James Owen Wells, Brody Adkison, Bennie Cook, Emily Honeycutt, Lily Johnson, Aiden Kelly, Hanna Huffman and Addison Cook.

Regional Awards

Second place overall:

Physics: First, Andrew Durham; second, Bennie Cook; and third, Addison Cook.

Chemistry: First, James Owen Wells; and third, Lily Johnson.

Biology: First, Kristen Ely; and second, Miah Bressie.

Math: Third, Lily Johnson.

English: First, Andrew Durham.

Computer Science: First, Brody Adkison; and third, Stone Jackson.

Engineering Graphics: Second, Aiden Kelly.


Biology: Fourth, Miah Bressie; and fifth, Kristen Ely.

Computer Science: Fifth, Stone Jackson.

Engineering Graphics: Fourth, Stone Jackson.

English: Second, Andrew Durham.

Physics: Third, Andrew Durham; and fourth, Addison Cook.


Members: Andrew Durham, Lily Johnson, Aubrey Crockett, Addison Cook, Aiden Kelly, Daniel Eastman, Benjamin Steelman, Katie Chipps, Anna Gale, Miah Bressie, Aliyah Walker, Morgan McKinney, Katelyn Edwards, Kaytlin Morgan-Flowers, Logynn Foster, Madison Reed, Mackenzie Bryan, Gracie Tottingham, Kristen Ely and Brody Adkison.


Members: Tyler Kelly, Addison Neugebauer, Gracyn McNiell, Kendal Johnson, Jackson Evetts, Shiane Parish, James Owen Wells, Brody Adkison, Elliot Greiner, Jack Sandberg, Dana Kim, Arianna Frisbee, Addison Cook, Miah Bressie, Lily Johnson, Tyler Lawson, Lilly Scheliga, Andrew Durham, Cody Stilley, Caden Phillips, Anna Gale, Aasrah Holich, Kristen Ely, Hanna Huffman, Aiden Kelly, Karlee Curtis and Kayleigh Doughty.

Trigonometry: Ninth, Kristen Ely.

Advanced Math: First, Andrew Durham; fifth, Lily Johnson; and 10th, Hanna Huffman.

Chemistry 1: Second, Aasrah Holich; fourth Kayleigh Doughty; and sixth, Gracyn McNiell.

Biology 1: Sixth, Caden Phillips; and ninth, Kristen Ely.

Physics: First, Andrew Durham; and eighth, Addison Cook.

Biology 2: Sixth, Hanna Huffman; seventh, Tyler Lawson; and eighth, Aiden Kelly.

Geometry: Eighth, Gracyn McNiell.

Chemistry 2: First, Miah Bressie; third, Kristen Ely; and fourth, Lily Johnson.

Anatomy and Physiology: First, Anna Gale; fifth, Lilly Scheliga; and seventh, Karlee Curtis.

Probability and Statistics: First, Andrew Durham.

Ninth Grade Team Test: First, Gracyn McNiell, Elliot Greiner, Tyler Kelly and Jackson Evetts.

10th Grade Team Test: Third, Kristen Ely, Arianna Frisbee, Brody Adkison and James Owen Wells.

12th Grade Team Test: Second, Andrew Durham, Lily Johnson, Hanna Huffman and Tyler Lawson.

Hundreds of works of art in several categories were on display in the Houston Storm Shelter.


Best of Show: 2-D painting, Clarissa Hulse.

Overall District Point Awards: First, Charlotte Fowler; and second, Clarissa Hulse.

School Team Award: Second overall, Houston High School.

Acrylic Painting: Fourth, Clarissa Hulse.

Oil Painting: First, Clarissa Hulse; fourth, Lena Skaggs; and student choice, Clarissa Hulse.

Watercolor: Fourth, Charlotte Fowler; and student choice, Lena Skaggs.

Mixed Media-Painting: Honorable mention, Kristen Ely; and student choice, Kristen Ely.

Pencil-Male: Second, Clarissa Hulse; and student choice, Clarissa Hulse.

Pencil-Female: First, Clarissa Hulse; second, Miah Bressie; and student choice, Miah Bressie.

Pencil-Child: Second, Clarissa Hulse; and third, Clarissa Hulse.

Colored Pencil: Second, Kristen Ely; third, Charlotte Fowler; and fourth, Charlotte Fowler.

Oil Pastel: Second, Emily Johnston.

Chalk Pastel: Second, Charlotte Fowler; third, Lena Skaggs; and fourth, Dana Hansen.

Mixed Charcoal: Second, Charlotte Fowler; and honorable mention, Charlotte Fowler.

Charcoal-Black: First, Kristen Ely; fourth, Charlotte Fowler; honorable mention, Dana Kim; and student choice, Kristen Ely.

Mixed Media Drawing: First, Charlotte Fowler; second, Charlotte Fowler; fourth, Charlotte Fowler; and student choice, Charlotte Fowler.

2-D Collage: Student choice, Miah Bressie.

2-D Mosaic: First, Charlotte Fowler; and student choice, Charlotte Fowler.

Printmaking: Third, Dana Kim.

Design-Color: Third, Emily Johnston.

Black & White Still Life Photo: Student choice, Miah Bressie.

Black & White Animal Photo: First, Miah Bressie.

Color Abstract Photo: First, Shiane Parish.

Commercial Art: First, Clarissa Hulse; second, Kristen Ely; third, Clarissa Hulse; fourth, Clarissa Hulse; honorable mention, Charlotte Fowler; and student choice, Clarissa Hulse.

T-Shirt Design: First, Charlotte Fowler; second, Charlotte Fowler; third, Clarissa Hulse; honorable mention, Clarissa Hulse; and student choice, Charlotte Fowler.

Sketchbook: First, Emily Honeycutt; and student choice, Emily Honeycutt.

Artist’s Study: First, Kristen Ely; third, Cadence Wade; fourth, Dana Kim; and student choice, Cadence Wade.

Pottery Sculpture: Fourth, Clarissa Hulse.

Metal and Jewelry: Second, Charlotte Fowler.

Architectural Drawing: First, Charlotte Fowler; third, Charlotte Fowler; and student choice, Charlotte Fowler.

Recycled Art: Fourth, Charlotte Fowler; and honorable mention, Alyssa Thompson.

3-D Wild Card: Third, Lena Skaggs; and honorable mention, Cadence Wade.


Freshmen: Laken Peede, president: Jacy Warner, vice president; Carli Cummins, secretary; Addison Neugebauer, Shane Yonkers, Hannah Ennis and Riley Wilson, members.

Sophomores: Kristen Ely, president; Morgan McKinney, vice president; Ben Steelman, secretary; Allie Benoist, Dana Kim, Kaytlin Morgan-Flowers and Ethan Buckner, members.

Juniors: Miah Bressie, president; Stevie Ice, vice president; Addison Cook, secretary; Ashlynn Burns, Waylon Collins and Nikaylee Sheppard, members.

Seniors: Andy Durham, president; Mackenzie Bryan, vice president; Hailee Cierley, secretary; Lily Johnson, Riley Terry, Carl Fitzgerald and Bennie Cook, members.

Executive Council: Andy Durham, Hailee Cierley, Mackenzie Bryan, Miah Bressie, Kristen Ely and Laken Peede.


Students earn an Academic Letter by attaining “High Distinction” Honor Roll for the first three quarters of the current school year. Students must earn a minimum GPA of 3.55 with no grade below a “C-”.

9th Grade: Ethan Branum*, Hannah Ennis*, Victoria Fulbright*, Krystalyn Haider*, Shiane Parish*, Kynlee Weaver*, Alyssa Wolfe*, Emery Christeson*, Katy Evans*, Ashley Gilbert*, Emily Johnston*, Laken Peede*, Fletcher Wilson*, Margarita Zveniatckovskaia*, Natalie Clinton*, Jackson Evetts*, Elliot Greiner*, Gracyn McNiell*, Jack Sandberg* and Riley Wilson*.

10th Grade: Brody Adkison, Sophia Crites*, Arianna Frisbee, Kendal Johnson, Micah Manion*, Benjamin Steelman, Alexandria Benoist, Kayleigh Doughty, Addie Hanson*, Macie Johnson, Lillie Pursifull, James Owen Wells*, Summer Bittle*, Kristen Ely, Aasrah Holich*, Dana Kim and Morgan Royal*.

11th Grade: Miah Bressie, Anna Gale, Aiden Kelly, Lilly Scheliga, Addison Cook*, Wyatt Hughes, Natalie Myrick*, Nikaylee Sheppard*, Kayden Crawford, Stone Jackson, Caden Phillips and Kenzi Sloan.

12th Grade: Isabella Bourgoin, Jazmine Cook, Mackenzie Bryan, Olivia Crites, Katie Chipps, Aubrey Crockett, Karlee Curtis, Kaitlin Edsall*, Danamae Fulbright*, Garyn Hall*, Clarissa Hulse, Rhease Manier, Madison Reed, Colton Stewart, Aliyah Walker, Andrew Durham, Katelyn Edwards, Trevor Gebbie*, Emily Honeycutt*, Lily Johnson, Casey Merckling, Zander Scholz*, Cody Stilley*, Daniel Eastman, Logynn Foster, Joshua Haden, Hanna Huffman, Ethan Lee*, Alyssa Neumann*, Cali Smith* and Gracie Tottingham.

*First Time Recipient: ’22-’23 School Year is their first time to receive the Academic Letter Award. They will receive the letter and medal. All following years the students will receive only a medal.


Madison Reed, Joshua Ramsey, Ryan Painter, Grayson Mitchell, Benjamin Steelman, Margarita Zveniatckovskaia, Caden Phillips and Lilly Kincaid.

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