Texas County Administrative Building photo

Members of the Texas County Commission handled several township matters during its May 3-4 meeting.

  • Robert Ross, the newly appointed associate commissioner was sworn in by County Clerk Peggy Seyler. He began duties on May 3.
  • Reviewed correspondence from Public Water District #1, asking for ARPA funds to help with the cost of repairing their water system.
  • Brad Eidson, who was recently appointed associate judge for Texas County, resigned from his position on the Habilitation Board.
  • The sheriff reviewed and acknowledged the hiring of Ethan Lee as a full-time jailer and discussed the sale of surplus vehicles.
  • Accepted the recommendation of the collector/treasurer for the removal of deceased personal property taxes from the books.
  • Maintenance updated them on repairs, elevators, phones, manuals and mowers. They were advised to get bids from around the area for the cost of a new mower and to order manuals for elevators.

In other business, commissioners heard from:

  • Lee Evans, Volt Equipment LLC sales representative.
  • Trent Courtney, SCCOG director, on updates on county and future projects.
  • Terry Sanders, Ozark Action director, on updates on program offerings and appointments to their board from the county.
  • Sarah Callahan, SCOCOG, concerning CDBG for Water District #1.
  • A constituent concerning how to get township maintenance of a road.

The full minutes can be read below:

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