The Texas County Coroner answered 25 calls in April 2023. In the community, there were 21 natural deaths, including cancer (9), stroke (3), heart attack (2), COPD and CHF (3), Alzheimer’s (1), sepsis (1), seizure (1) and Parkinson’s disease (1).

Two accidental deaths occurred, one due to a fall, and one in a motor vehicle accident.
There was one suicide due to gunshot wound.
There was one offender death in April at South Central Correctional Center. Toxicology was negative for illicit drugs, and autopsy showed death was due to a previously unknown congenital anomaly. 
Coroner Marie Lasater and Deputy Coroner Brent Honeycutt attended the annual training held April 24-26 in Columbia.

 “I am also pleased and honored to announce that I have been confirmed as a member of the Missouri Commission on Coroner Standards and Training. The role of this commission is to set up rules on how coroners do their jobs and certify that elected coroners go through that training,” Laster said.

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