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The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

  • On May 9, dispatch advised that there was a man pointing a rifle at traffic while walking down the middle of U.S. 63 in the Solo area.

While on the way to the scene, a deputy was advised that a man had reported that another man was on his U.S. 63 property yelling at his wife while holding a rifle. Upon arrival, the officer observed a man sitting in tall grass with the homeowner holding a flashlight and pointing a shotgun at him.

The suspect told the deputy he had a knife in his boot and there was a shotgun lying next to him.

The officer asked the man why he had been on the highway with a gun, he replied that he was afraid of being killed by a man who had been shooting at him at his residence, and that he had run from his property to escape harm.

The man was taken to the Texas County Jail pending a 96-hour mental evaluation. The shotgun and knife were placed into evidence.

  • A 66-year-old Licking woman reported theft of a vehicle on April 4.

The woman told an investigating deputy that a 59-year-old man was in possession of her 2002 Oldsmobile van because he was working on it.

The officer contacted the man and he said the woman wanted him to work on the van and would pay for parts as they were needed, but that she hadn’t paid him for the last couple of purchases. The man said he would be glad for her to retrieve the van, but it didn’t run and would have to be towed.

The officer spoke with the woman again and she confirmed the man’s statements. The deputy told her she was free to pick up the vehicle at any time.

Texas County Jail admissions

May 5

Marshall Dean – possession of controlled substance

Jerry Magouirk – DWI

Corey Fitzpatrick – trespassing

Brandon Cross – assault

Joseph Rutledge – assault, sodomy

May 6

Joshua Skaggs – driving while suspended

Mark Bengtson – stealing

May 7

Anthony Zegarelli – DWI

May 8

Danielle Cross – 3 warrants

May 9

Roger Blanks – writ

Lenny Hebert – writ

Rosella Egan – delivery of controlled substance

Jennifer Short – Licking PD hold

May 10

Larissa Easter – warrant

Angela McConnell – possession of controlled substance

Jody Brown – Shannon County hold

Daniel Foster Jr. – stealing

Quinton Hoover – stealing

May 11

Michael Bruce – assault, harassment

May 12

Roger Counts – driving while revoked

May 13

Jeffrey Holdt – DWI

Patrick Cline – warrant

Kristen Buddemeyer – burglary, stealing

May 14

Mark Siebert – Pulaski County warrant

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