Participants in this year’s Pitch, Hit & Run competition in Houston gather last Saturday at Tiger Field. Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO

This year’s annual Pitch Hit & Run competition in Texas County took place last Saturday (May 27) at Tiger Field on the Houston Schools campus.

Kids ages 7 through 14 are eligible to participate in the free event, which is sponsored by Major League Baseball and offers both baseball and softball divisions.

Disciplines include pitching to a target to score points, a timed run from first base to second, and five swings at balls perched on a tee.

Based on their scores, winners advance from a local event to a Team Championship held in MLB stadiums. Top scorers then qualify for an all-expenses-paid trip for two to compete at the National Finals, which is contested at the World Series.

This year, 27 boys and only 2 girls participated in Houston.

Local age group champions:

•9-10 Girls: Desirae Posant, Houston

•9-10 Boys: Jase Holesapple, Alton

•11-12 Boys: Stryker Sloan, Houston

•13-14 Boys: Jarren Holesapple, Alton

Houston resident Desirae Posant swings during 9-10 girls hitting competition. She was the top scorer in the division.
Jase Holesapple of Alton prepares to deliver during 9-10 boys pitching competition. He was the top scorer in the age group.
Stryker Sloan of Houston smacks the ball off of a tee during 11-12 boys hitting competition. He was the division winner.
Jarren Holesapple of Alton prepares to step on second base during 13-14 boys running competition. He was the top scorer in the age group.

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