One bridge in Texas County is included on the list. Credit: FILE PHOTO

The Missouri Department of Transportation, working with its regional planning partners, has outlined a draft “High Priority Unfunded Needs” listing, which identifies $1.1 billion in annual unfunded transportation needs for the system. It includes three projects in Texas County.

The list was created to guide the development of needs into future work as state and federal transportation funds become available in future years. The full draft document includes $4.7 billion in road and bridge needs in three tiers.

Tier one includes $552 million and is made up of needs that could be accomplished in the time of the current five-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) as federal and state funding levels become available. These needs have good estimates. 

In Texas County, bridge improvements over Roubidoux Creek are targeted on Highway M. The cost is estimated at $1.138 million.

Tier two is worth $2.1 billion and includes needs beyond the current five-year timeframe with broader estimates. It includes additional lanes of U.S. 63 from Malberg Road to U.S. 60. Malberg Road is north of Cabool and south of Highway H. The cost is estimated at $25.084 million.

Tier three includes $2 billion of needs also beyond the current STIP timeframe with broader estimates. U.S. 63 would receive capacity improvements from Highway RA south of Houston to Malberg Road. The price tag is $42.453 million.

In addition, MoDOT staff worked with planning partners to identify $1 billion in multimodal needs. Helipads would be added in this region at Highway 5 at Hartville and Highway E near Norwood.

The public is invited to join the discussion on high priority unfunded transportation needs in the area. The meeting for this region is 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 15, at the Bootheel Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission at 105 E. North Main St. in Dexter. The list of meeting locations as well as the draft document and comment forms will be available online through Aug. 31 at

U.S. 63 south and north of Malberg Road and a Highway M bridge are on the list.

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