Our mission at Houston R-1 Schools is “Expecting excellence…Learning for all.”  Over the past couple of years, we have worked diligently to engage in the Comprehensive School Improvement Planning (CSIP) process. This work has and will continue to bring action and focus to our mission.  

The CSIP strategic plan is “the big picture, the 40,000 foot view, the guidance document, the road map” for the next three years, 2023-2026. This plan also guides building-level work and efforts.  

The process for developing our CSIP included input from many stakeholders, including community members, parents, students and staff. Surveys were used as a mechanism to gather information. Additionally, a partnering agency assisted in the process by offering personal interviews with all staff. District staff members and volunteer patrons were then organized to focus specifically on the development of the CSIP. The CSIP Team worked to refine the results and other data to create focus areas, goals, and strategies to help guide our work over the next few years. The CSIP Team will continue to meet quarterly to review the progress of the plan.  

The following graphic is a snapshot of the plan to include focus areas, goals, and strategies. To view the full three-year CSIP, go to:  https://www.houston.k12.mo.us/page/csip

As most folks know, developing a plan does not equate to progress. The challenge for us, as a team, is to continue to focus on this plan, monitor our progress or lack of, reflect and revise as needed and provide ongoing updates to external and internal stakeholders. 

In the words of Paul Meyer, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” Our CSIP will continue to guide the district as we strive for our mission of “Expecting excellence…Learning for all.” 

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