Texas County authorities are seeking assistance with identifying an inmate who is refusing to provide any form of identification.

The individual, known locally as “Mikhael Sweeney,” has not been able to confirm this identity, and fingerprint analysis has yielded no results.

Witnesses say they were doing road work Oct. 12 on Bartlett Drive when they saw John Doe assault the victim. The suspect was uncooperative with authorities and then got a lawn chair and sat in the middle of the road.

Charged with fourth-degree assault and disturbing the peace, John Doe “Mikhael Sweeney” was apprehended after allegedly assaulting a victim near Willow Springs.

Despite being uncooperative and displaying a disregard for the government and court system, he was taken into custody.

Efforts to determine his true identity by contacting the Missouri Information Analysis Center are underway.

Considered a flight risk, he remains in the Texas County Jail pending arraignment on Oct. 24.

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