In a town where Sonic has long been a staple, there’s a new face at the helm. Morgan Patterson, 25, is the recently appointed general manager of Houston’s Sonic Drive-In. Coming from nearby Adrian, Mo., Patterson brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to the iconic establishment.

“I started working at Sonic when I was 16 years old in the town right next to the town I grew up in,” recalls Patterson, reflecting on his early days in the Sonic family. His journey, marked by dedication and hard work, has led him to this role, he said. Now, with a background in food safety and a recent stint at seminars in San Diego, he’s poised to infuse new energy into the local Sonic.

“I just got back from San Diego, Calif. where I attended seminars on how to better run my drive-in,” Patterson shares, underlining his commitment to continuous improvement.

Patterson said his vision is clear: to ensure that Sonic in Houston continues to be a hub of exceptional service, great food and drinks and a sense of community that locals have come to expect.

“I run a clean, safe, drug-free work environment that people take pride in being a part of,” Patterson said.

He genuinely enjoys Sonic and its offerings, even mentioning his favorite item on the menu.

“My favorite menu item would have to be the better cheddar peppers,” Patterson said.

As the leader of Houston’s Sonic, Patterson is ready to leave his mark on the community, ensuring that Sonic remains a source of good food and service in Houston, he said.

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