A CAT tourniquet.

A quick response Monday evening by First Responders at Cabool helped save the life of a 19-year-old who fell into a plate glass window, authorities said.

The Cabool Fire Department and Cabool Police Department were called at about 6:35 p.m. to Dairy Queen, where the man was bleeding seriously.

Fire Chief Brent Honeycutt said quick actions, including the use of advanced trauma training and supplying trauma kits to all Cabool personnel, saved the man’s life.

“Without the training we receive and the equipment we supply, a lot of our trauma and accidents would be tragic. CAT Tourniquets are a cheap investment along with basic training and a small ‘Stop the Bleed’ kit can provide the resources to keep a family member or complete stranger alive to see another sunrise,” Honeycutt explains. “I recommend having one available at all times.”

Persons wanting to learn more can stop by the Cabool station.

“The patient was lucky we arrived in time,” he said.

By Honeycutt’s count, it is the 18th time in 10 years that the special tourniquet application saved a life.

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