The Texas Commission signed a resolution Thursday, Nov. 2, related to Senate Bill 190, “Property Tax Relief for Eligible Taxpayers” that passed during the recent session of the Missouri General Assembly.

The credit is for taxpayers who are eligible for Social Security retirement benefits and own a homestead or have legal or equitable interest in property. The credit amount will be the difference between an eligible taxpayer’s real property tax liability for a given year minus their real property tax liability on the same homestead when they became Social Security eligible. 

An eligible taxpayer must request the credit in writing on an approved form. The form will require several proofs of personal and property identification. 

The “tax freeze” will only apply to the Texas County General Revenue tax, which amounts to a 0.0998 levy rate. 

Other counties and individuals have interpreted the bill to freeze all real property taxes for eligible taxpayers. There is currently a petition circulating to have the matter appear on an election ballot. 

The commission authorized that the real property tax credit be applied to taxpayers effective immediately. Eligible taxpayers will see the credit beginning with their 2024 taxes. 

Those interested in learning more can call the Texas County Commission at 417-967-3222.

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