I would recommend Penmac to anyone

Patti Blex has worked for Penmac since March 2001. Investment Planning Associates of Independence, Ka., is the location of Blex’s current assignment and she has been there since May 2008. Blex is a broker’s assistant and is responsible for investment and financial communication and coordination.

Independence Branch Manager Helen Burnett, said, “The firm where Patti works has grown fast and she faces the challenges head on. She is respected and dedicated to her employer and job.”

Blex said that she plans to retire from Penmac and is fortunate that Penmac has “always been there for me.” Health, dental and vision insurance coverage and the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) are some of the employment benefits Blex mentioned that she considered a major advantage to working through Penmac.

“I think that people have a misconception of Penmac and temporary staffing. They really don’t realize how much is offered from working for such an agency. I would recommend Penmac to anyone,” Blex said.