Members of the Houston board of education met Tuesday night to recognize teachers, discuss policies and tend to school matters.

Dr. Justin Copley, superintendent, presented the comprehensive school improvement plan to the board. The plan consisted of focus areas including effective teaching and learning; collaborative climate and culture; alignment of standards, curriculum and assessment, equity and access; facilities improvement; and finance.

The complete plan can be found here.

The board also recognized several teachers for their years of service, and two for their retirement.

Those recognized for their years of service were:

5 years:

  • Sara Anderson
  • Jacob Brookshire
  • Linda Collier
  • Justin Copley
  • Heather Copley
  • Bobby Downey
  • Renee Ice
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Amanda Munson
  • Amanda Rust
  • Patricia Skaggs
  • Jessica Spivey
  • Meagan Stuckmeyer
  • Michael Tottingham
  • Rebekah Wann
  • Laedith (Dawn) Williams

10 years: 

  • Matthew Peterson
  • Jason Pounds
  • Karen Smith
  • Tara Volk
  • Destiny Wilson

15 years:

  • Mandy Adey

25 years: 

  • Brent Hall
  • Ruth Wallace

Those retiring were Jode Huffman, middle and high school art, and Dana Wilson, high school math.

According to Dr. Copley, an official name for the new gymnasium will be released within the next week.


  • Redacted a portion of the previous building and grounds security policy and added a new policy pertaining to the school protection officer.
  • Discussed an annual fairgrounds ballfields contract that will allow them to use the fields exclusively from Mar. 1 to May 15, and in return, the school will provide general upkeep to the fields.
  • Heard information about a $148,200 school safety grant. More information can be found here.
  • Discussed a draft version of the budget. A work session is planned for June, with the final budget to be approved on or before June 30.
  • Heard an update that the indoor playground area at the Early Childhood Center will be complete in June.
A look at a new playground coming to the Early Childhood Center.

The full minutes can be found here:

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