Youth Deer Season Kill Up in County

The two-day youth deer season resulted in a jump of 28 kills from last year, said Travis Mills, a Missouri Department of Conservation agent.

The tally from Saturday and Sunday was 205. Statewide, hunters checked 12,384 deer, compared to 12,090 last year.

The fall firearms season runs Nov. 10-20. He said there are no major changes in regulations. Mills said there is a plentiful crop of deer this year.

“In parts of the state, hemorrhagic disease, better known as blue-tongue, took quite a few deer. Hot, dry weather is blamed for the increased occurrence,” Mills said. “The disease in Texas County hasn’t been real bad this year. Blue-tongue is transmitted by a fly called a biting midge. Once we have a freeze, the threat of blue-tongue will be gone.”

A hunting regulations pamphlet is available where licenses are sold. Persons with questions can call Mills at 417-967-8919.

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