Dr. Dan Vandiver

Members of the Houston board of education learned Monday that revenue projects for the upcoming school year are running significantly lower than the current year.

Dr. Dan Vandiver outlined a preliminary budget document for the year beginning July 1.

A special board meeting is planned May 24 to approve the budget for next year.”As of right now, our preliminary revenue projections for next year are significantly less than this year. We are looking at cuts on the expenditure side to get to a balanced budget, Vandiver said. “Both the board and I want to avoid cutting any personnel if at all possible. In addition to shortfalls in state money, we are also facing an 87.5 percent collection rate for local property taxes.

In other matters, members:

-Heard a presentation from Michele Moseley, elementary nurse, on the benefits and liabilities of placing automated external defibrillators on campus.

The equipment is used in the treatment of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. External units, known as automated external defibrillators, automate the diagnosis of treatment rhythms, meaning that lay responders or bystanders are able to use them successfully with little, or in some cases, no training at all.

-Approved seeking bid requests for fuel, propane, paper, milk, bread and pest control for the coming school year.

-Okayed a proposal to add two positions at the Exceptional Child Cooperative in Houston because of increases in students served. Funding will come from member districts served by the cooperative.

-Hired Brent Kell as athletic director and David Williams as head football coach. (See related story elsewhere).




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