A judge ordered Justin Bradshaw back to prison after finding he violated terms of his probation.

A Phelps County man was ordered to prison Friday after he broke terms of his probation related to his 2008 drunk driving conviction of killing two Licking children.

Judge Kerry G. Rowden made the ruling to send Justin Bradshaw to prison for 10 years after he was intoxicated on the parking lot of a St. Clair bar.

Bradshaw was released in February 2009 by then Maries County judge John Clayton after serving a four-month term, which outraging the victims’ families.

Killed in the December 2006 wreck on North U.S. 63 in Licking were Ryan M. Jones, 15, who died shortly after being freed from the wreckage, and Amanda Strom, 8, who died the following day in a Springfield hospital. Four others were injured in the crash. According to a patrol report, Bradshaw’s alcohol level was .123 percent, which is nearly twice the legal limit.

Texas County Prosecutor Mike Anderson presented evidence in a Rolla courtroom last week that showed Bradshaw was found inside a vehicle and drunk on the Double Bull Sports Bar parking lot. Law enforcement made contact with Bradshaw, and a report was sent to Bradshaw’s probation officer in Rolla, who in turn filed probation revocation paperwork.

Cindy Halluin, the children’s aunt, said the family was pleased with Rowden’s decision. The family believed that Bradshaw’s original punishment was too lenient and feared he might eventually drink and drive again. Family members were among those who testified about the tragedy.

“Justin didn’t learn his lesson,” Hallulin said. “Hopefully, this will prevent it from occurring again.”


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