Texas County’s animal shelter is over capacity, the organization announced this week.

TASTC in its weekly print column writes:

“The shelter is experiencing a problem and we would like to request the assistance of the community. The shelter is over capacity! There is literally no kennel, bed or even a corner for another animal. We have been forced to stop accepting animals unless it is an emergency; however people are dumping animals along the side of the road or sneaking to the shelter at night and tying animals to the fence.

“We are pleading with the community, if you have an unwanted animal, please do not dump it or abandon it at the gate. We are asking you to please call us and talk to us. We will try to make arrangements to assist you with unwanted animals. It may be possible for us to assist you with food or other items until space is available, or we may be able find a foster home for the animal, but cruelty or abandoning the animal is never the answer in solving the problem. Again, please just contact a shelter member and allow us the opportunity to work with you.”

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