A pair of phony bills (top row) recovered by the Houston Police Department are pictured with authentic ones. The fake cash is darker in color and has a smooth texture.

Another counterfeit bill surfaced over the weekend in Houston.

Police Chief Jim McNiell said a counterfeit $20 was retrieved from a bank deposit from Forbes’ Pharmacy. It had the same serial number – JE47621106C – as previous counterfeit bills discovered at local businesses.

A Licking couple was arrested and charged last week with using the counterfeit bills. Amanda Maglone, 30, faces one count of forgery — a Class C felony — and is being held at the Texas County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bond. Her husband, Jimmy, is charged with a parole violation. He is being held without bond.

Three Houston businesses and several Licking businesses had previously reported receiving counterfeit bills. McNiell said his department received notification Thursday morning that the counterfeit bills surfaced in Mountain Grove.

McNiell continues to encourage business owners to carefully examine $10 and $20 bills. He said there could be more counterfeit money in circulation. McNiell said businesses should use a counterfeit marking pen with every bill.

The counterfeit bills, McNiell said, have a rough texture and darker color. He said they are also slightly smaller than a normal bill. They are all believed to be 10s and 20s.

The investigation continues, according to McNiell, through the Houston and Licking police departments. He said additional charges will be sought.


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