Jeffrey S. Dooley

Texas County authorities say one man is charged with two counts of statutory rape following an investigation into the use of methamphetamine and prescription pills.

Following a Texas County Sheriff’s Department investigation beginning March 10, a deputy reported March 17 that two men – ages 33 and 32 – and a 33-year-old woman are suspected of having supplied minors with methamphetamine and prescription pills at a Kimble Road residence at Licking.

The reporting officer stated that he had received permission to speak to the two underage girls involved, and they told him they had smoked meth and “snorted” pills given to them by the adults.

Also resulting from the investigation, the 33-year-old man, Jeffrey S. Dooley, of 13425 Kimble Road north of Licking, was arrested March 16 and charged with statutory rape. A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper assisted in the arrest.

A report was sent to the county prosecutor for review regarding potential drug charges on Dooley and the other two adults.

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